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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Begin Again

Assalamualaikum. Hye.

... out of actual context from Taylor Swift's lovey dovey song.

Nope. It's not my love story ending and somehow begin again. I have no love story to tell. Mine is kept secret. God knows, and perhaps several people. Lol.

If this blog is life, then this entry is the possible CPR because it is nearly dead. I almost killed it. With my, I don't know... absence?

I am here and always here. But time goes fast ending up in the dimensional drain like a wasted cup of coffee spilled on the floor, or being flushed into the kitchen sink. What a failed attempt of a language device. At least I tried, though.

People, there is a famous saying about "don't live in the past" but do you know how hard it is to actually move on? A step towards the future is chained and bound to the past more than flesh to the bone.

We went down so we get back up. At least try. Because no matter what, the past is ours to live by. The future awaits but not quite here yet. The present is killing but is worth to live against.

Because in the end, all the fame, all the flame, all the name, all the game, all the shame, all the blame, will ultimately and eventually end.

Before it ends, let it begin, again.

p/s : Nah lagu Telur Swip

Malunya BI berteraboq kahkah oktengsbai

Thanks for reading. Bye ;)

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