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Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Assalamualaikum. Hye.

Sometimes when we are too concerned about what people think about us, that's the time when everything gonna be wrong. So wrong that it can't be righted.

Then in your head, it will be like, the feeling you feel when an annoying fly is buzzing around your face when you're trying to sleep in the noon.

You feel like smashing it with your hand, or a book, or shoot it with a laser beam, or use a psionic wave to make it go away, never return.

Just when you really smash that damn fly, it leaves stains.

See how messed up everything is? None is gonna be good. I think that's how people invented ignorance is bliss thing. Just ignore the expectations to save yourself from the tension?

But if so, then why we are not that fly? @.@

This little bastard has a little brother named Disappointment.

p/s : More suiting Nocturnal Rants, I think? But now is mid day so how could I even view that forsaken blog? Time to rethink an old hobby, perhaps. 


Thanks for reading. Bye ;)

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