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Friday, November 23, 2012

Refuting Trinity For Dummies 2

Assalamualaikum. Hye.

The first part is HERE.

Ok this time let us make it simpler and clearer.

Trinity is a false concept that doesn't even fulfill simple requirements of logic. If they say trinity refers to ONE god in THREE persons (or whatever other concepts) they must at least prove that the claim satisfies the needs of NAMING and COUNTING.

First, take an easy example of two very different thing. Like an apple and a monkey. They both are very distinguished. One can't simply mistaken an apple for a monkey and vice versa. Look at a monkey and say "It's an apple!" and people will either take that you're joking or simple being stupid.

Now take a closer similar examples of TWO different thing of the same kind. Like an apple and an orange. They both are fruits. But they are TWO DIFFERENT FRUITS. Apple has its own characteristics and orange has its own characteristics. One may not simply mistaken an apple for an orange, too.

Let us now take a much closer examples of TWO different people. Now here's the catch. People are similar in almost all kinds of ways. Any people, provided that we are talking about those who are normally seen in society, has two eyes, a nose, a mouth, two hands, walk on two feet, and verbal.

But still, people are different in spite of having all those similarities in their characteristics. Apple and monkey, one grows on tree and another one has a tail. Apple and orange, one is red or green and the other one is obviously orange. They taste differently, too.

People, on the other hands, are distinguished as individuals regardless of how many traits they may share with others.

How about identical twins? They even have similar genetic make ups, share same traits and physique, up to the extent of personality. But still, they are different, called by DIFFERENT NAMES, and are COUNTED AS TWO.

Now look at siamese twins that has two heads and one body. Are they given one name or two? Their parents refer to them as one child or two children? Look up for siamese twins and you will discover that although they have one body, being a single two feet human, they are actually humanS.

Now now now, let us look at christian's trinity. Claiming God of being single, but has THREE persons, or spirit, or whatever they want to call it. God is God. Jesus is human based on how he was born, and his physical is so manly, he even "died" when is put on the cross. Holy spirit is a spirit. A being devoid of flesh and bones, intangible, can't be seen and stuff.

WHERE IS THE SIMILARITIES to call them as "one"?

Let us COUNT, people. Apple, orange, banana. There are three fruits, right? Peter, Michael, Angelina. There are three people, right? Computer, handphone, camera. Three devices, right? So how about this one?

God, Jesus, Holy Spirit. How many???

You can't just say God the creator speaks and acts, then call the "spoken" part as God, and the "done" part as God, too. It's just too wrong. 

A concept of monotheistic belief should be simple. We don't want to complicate life thinking about how GODS are supposed to rule the world if there are many GODS like the one in Greek mythology and some existing beliefs today.

Hence, we find ONE God to rule all. ONE God to be worshiped. ONE God to be called by whatever names but still referring to the SAME, ONE God. That is exactly how Islam portrays God. Allah is single, one God being the most supreme of all.

He has 99 beautiful names that eventually referring to Him, not to anything else.

Let us take a look at how christianity define ONE GOD. They say God is the creator who speaks and acts. God create by his divine words through his divine spirit. At first, it is still fine to say God speaks and acts. That is what God does. But to personify His words as Jesus and His actions as Holy spirit and make them into being as godly as Him, now that's weird.

The question further goes to questioning Bible. What is bible? It is a collection of books, according to the christians. Is bible God's word or not? If it is, then what is Jesus?

Quran is revealed to Muhammad via Gabriel. The companions have them memorized in their heart and when the time comes, the pieces are put together into a compilation.

But the Bible is different thing. It is too, a collection but it is a COLLECTION OF BOOKS. Written by MAN, and is written long after the "death" of Jesus. What is more annoying to know is that the christians claimed the authors of Bible is "divinely inspired" by the Holy Spirit. 

Then again, there are so many books unauthored by anyone but is inserted as Bible. And so many other new verses. The newly inspired, maybe.

Now we shall return to describing God as being ONE and His ONENESS.

The Quran is very clear about this. The divinity concept of ONE God is summarized in a simple revelation. Quran 112:1-4

Say, "He is Allah , [who is] One, Allah , the Eternal Refuge. He neither begets nor is born, Nor is there to Him any equivalent."

From here, we are very clear about some of the "pre-requests" of being a God are ONE, not born or be given birth, and is equal to none other.

Jesus on the other hand, is born from a woman's womb. He is one in the sense of there are no other Jesus but he is a human after all. And he is different in the sense of Allah glorified him as a prophet. We are incomparable to him or any other prophet but to some extent, they are all human, like us.

So Jesus IS NOT God.

Then again, they might give an example of the sun, giving out light and heat. So if we say the christians believe in three Gods, it is just the same as saying there are three suns. Well played there, christians. Muslims already know how the concept of ONE sun giving out light and heat. So there is only ONE sun. The light is called SUNlight and the heat is called SUNrays.

Even if we say "The sun is too bright" or "the sun is too hot" eventually we are referring to the same ONE sun. And we never say three suns at all. There are three different thinsg which are the sun, the light it emits, and the heat it radiates. But ultimately the sun is only one.

When we say "the sun is spherical" we don't say the same thing to sunlight. Sunlight is not spherical. Spherical is the characteristic of the sun, not its light or heat.

But the christians say God is God and Jesus is God's word and the holy spirit is God's spirit, then the three is God. See how the sentence got messed up? The three IS or ARE God or GodS??? God and God's word are different. God is God and word is word. 

Same with God's case. God is God. He has His messengers. He has His angels. He has His many other things. Everything belongs to Him. If God's word is considered God, then God's servant is God too???

What the chiristians need to prove is that Yahweh, Jesus, and Holy Spirit can be of the same thing with the same characteristics that they can even interchange each other's position. If they can accept that Mary gave birth to Yahweh, or the Holy Spirit is put on cross, or Jesus is the Father, then I will accept the trinity.

But if they keep on attributing those three with distinguished characters, I don't have to be an idiot to believe it and I don't have to clever to know that there are indeed three separate beings.

So Christians, how many Gods you actually worship?

I ask again... feel free to answer with brilliant answers. Brilliant doesn't necessarily be long and like an essay. Just give the honest answer. Now dear christians, do you know how to count? If there are three same identical apples in front of you, you will say there are three apples, right? I swear by Allah you won't count the three apples as one. You will say three apples in spite of the same type of fruit, the identical colour, shape, taste, and stuff. 

Now there is Yahweh, Jesus, and holy spirit. One is "god", one is human, one is spirit. They are not even similar. One is supposed to be the creator, one is born out of a woman's womb, and another one is devoid of flesh and bone. Yet you say they are one? That's makes me wonder. Do you really know how to count?

With regards, I pray Allah will open your hearts.

Thanks for reading. Bye ;)

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