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Friday, November 23, 2012

Refuting Trinity For Dummies 2

Assalamualaikum. Hye.

The first part is HERE.

Ok this time let us make it simpler and clearer.

Trinity is a false concept that doesn't even fulfill simple requirements of logic. If they say trinity refers to ONE god in THREE persons (or whatever other concepts) they must at least prove that the claim satisfies the needs of NAMING and COUNTING.

First, take an easy example of two very different thing. Like an apple and a monkey. They both are very distinguished. One can't simply mistaken an apple for a monkey and vice versa. Look at a monkey and say "It's an apple!" and people will either take that you're joking or simple being stupid.

Now take a closer similar examples of TWO different thing of the same kind. Like an apple and an orange. They both are fruits. But they are TWO DIFFERENT FRUITS. Apple has its own characteristics and orange has its own characteristics. One may not simply mistaken an apple for an orange, too.

Let us now take a much closer examples of TWO different people. Now here's the catch. People are similar in almost all kinds of ways. Any people, provided that we are talking about those who are normally seen in society, has two eyes, a nose, a mouth, two hands, walk on two feet, and verbal.

But still, people are different in spite of having all those similarities in their characteristics. Apple and monkey, one grows on tree and another one has a tail. Apple and orange, one is red or green and the other one is obviously orange. They taste differently, too.

People, on the other hands, are distinguished as individuals regardless of how many traits they may share with others.

How about identical twins? They even have similar genetic make ups, share same traits and physique, up to the extent of personality. But still, they are different, called by DIFFERENT NAMES, and are COUNTED AS TWO.

Now look at siamese twins that has two heads and one body. Are they given one name or two? Their parents refer to them as one child or two children? Look up for siamese twins and you will discover that although they have one body, being a single two feet human, they are actually humanS.

Now now now, let us look at christian's trinity. Claiming God of being single, but has THREE persons, or spirit, or whatever they want to call it. God is God. Jesus is human based on how he was born, and his physical is so manly, he even "died" when is put on the cross. Holy spirit is a spirit. A being devoid of flesh and bones, intangible, can't be seen and stuff.

WHERE IS THE SIMILARITIES to call them as "one"?

Let us COUNT, people. Apple, orange, banana. There are three fruits, right? Peter, Michael, Angelina. There are three people, right? Computer, handphone, camera. Three devices, right? So how about this one?

God, Jesus, Holy Spirit. How many???

You can't just say God the creator speaks and acts, then call the "spoken" part as God, and the "done" part as God, too. It's just too wrong. 

A concept of monotheistic belief should be simple. We don't want to complicate life thinking about how GODS are supposed to rule the world if there are many GODS like the one in Greek mythology and some existing beliefs today.

Hence, we find ONE God to rule all. ONE God to be worshiped. ONE God to be called by whatever names but still referring to the SAME, ONE God. That is exactly how Islam portrays God. Allah is single, one God being the most supreme of all.

He has 99 beautiful names that eventually referring to Him, not to anything else.

Let us take a look at how christianity define ONE GOD. They say God is the creator who speaks and acts. God create by his divine words through his divine spirit. At first, it is still fine to say God speaks and acts. That is what God does. But to personify His words as Jesus and His actions as Holy spirit and make them into being as godly as Him, now that's weird.

The question further goes to questioning Bible. What is bible? It is a collection of books, according to the christians. Is bible God's word or not? If it is, then what is Jesus?

Quran is revealed to Muhammad via Gabriel. The companions have them memorized in their heart and when the time comes, the pieces are put together into a compilation.

But the Bible is different thing. It is too, a collection but it is a COLLECTION OF BOOKS. Written by MAN, and is written long after the "death" of Jesus. What is more annoying to know is that the christians claimed the authors of Bible is "divinely inspired" by the Holy Spirit. 

Then again, there are so many books unauthored by anyone but is inserted as Bible. And so many other new verses. The newly inspired, maybe.

Now we shall return to describing God as being ONE and His ONENESS.

The Quran is very clear about this. The divinity concept of ONE God is summarized in a simple revelation. Quran 112:1-4

Say, "He is Allah , [who is] One, Allah , the Eternal Refuge. He neither begets nor is born, Nor is there to Him any equivalent."

From here, we are very clear about some of the "pre-requests" of being a God are ONE, not born or be given birth, and is equal to none other.

Jesus on the other hand, is born from a woman's womb. He is one in the sense of there are no other Jesus but he is a human after all. And he is different in the sense of Allah glorified him as a prophet. We are incomparable to him or any other prophet but to some extent, they are all human, like us.

So Jesus IS NOT God.

Then again, they might give an example of the sun, giving out light and heat. So if we say the christians believe in three Gods, it is just the same as saying there are three suns. Well played there, christians. Muslims already know how the concept of ONE sun giving out light and heat. So there is only ONE sun. The light is called SUNlight and the heat is called SUNrays.

Even if we say "The sun is too bright" or "the sun is too hot" eventually we are referring to the same ONE sun. And we never say three suns at all. There are three different thinsg which are the sun, the light it emits, and the heat it radiates. But ultimately the sun is only one.

When we say "the sun is spherical" we don't say the same thing to sunlight. Sunlight is not spherical. Spherical is the characteristic of the sun, not its light or heat.

But the christians say God is God and Jesus is God's word and the holy spirit is God's spirit, then the three is God. See how the sentence got messed up? The three IS or ARE God or GodS??? God and God's word are different. God is God and word is word. 

Same with God's case. God is God. He has His messengers. He has His angels. He has His many other things. Everything belongs to Him. If God's word is considered God, then God's servant is God too???

What the chiristians need to prove is that Yahweh, Jesus, and Holy Spirit can be of the same thing with the same characteristics that they can even interchange each other's position. If they can accept that Mary gave birth to Yahweh, or the Holy Spirit is put on cross, or Jesus is the Father, then I will accept the trinity.

But if they keep on attributing those three with distinguished characters, I don't have to be an idiot to believe it and I don't have to clever to know that there are indeed three separate beings.

So Christians, how many Gods you actually worship?

I ask again... feel free to answer with brilliant answers. Brilliant doesn't necessarily be long and like an essay. Just give the honest answer. Now dear christians, do you know how to count? If there are three same identical apples in front of you, you will say there are three apples, right? I swear by Allah you won't count the three apples as one. You will say three apples in spite of the same type of fruit, the identical colour, shape, taste, and stuff. 

Now there is Yahweh, Jesus, and holy spirit. One is "god", one is human, one is spirit. They are not even similar. One is supposed to be the creator, one is born out of a woman's womb, and another one is devoid of flesh and bone. Yet you say they are one? That's makes me wonder. Do you really know how to count?

With regards, I pray Allah will open your hearts.

Thanks for reading. Bye ;)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Refuting Trinity For Dummies

Assalamualaikum. Hye.

This article is only filled with simple analogies and imagery. No need complex facts and statistics. Anyone can understand. Understand what? Understanding how trinity is a false concept. A big fallacy.

First, we all know that almost every church has its very own way to define trinity. But here is one. Let us take an example from a website that is very loud when it comes to calling for trinity.

Sani Musa Wukari asked WHAT IS TRINITY ?

According to the Qur'an, Trinity is God the Father, God the Son (Isa) and Isa's mother Maryam. 

But since I do not subscribe to the ignorance of Muhammad, here is my definition of TRINITY:

The Trinity refers to "the unity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as three persons." The word "Trinity," is formed from the words "tri-" and "unity," and describes "th
e state of being threefold." In other words, to believe in the Trinity means to believe that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are essentially one God, even while they retain their own set of differences.

Well, Here goes...
#1 According to the Qur'an, Trinity is God the Father, God the Son (Isa) and Isa's mother Maryam. 

First and foremost, the Quran never approves trinity or anything like that. What Quran does is to reject it. We can refer to Quran 5:116 and Quran 4:171. Let's see one by one.

Quran 5:116 

And [beware the Day] when Allah will say, "O Jesus, Son of Mary, did you say to the people, 'Take me and my mother as deities besides Allah ?'" He will say, "Exalted are You! It was not for me to say that to which I have no right. If I had said it, You would have known it. You know what is within myself, and I do not know what is within Yourself. Indeed, it is You who is Knower of the unseen.

Clearly stated about how Allah will ask Jesus one day, did he or did he not tell his people to take him (Jesus) and his mother (Mary) as Gods other from Allah? And Look at Jesus's answer. You can judge by yourself whether or not Quran accept trinity or rejects it.

Quran 4:171 

O People of the Scripture, do not commit excess in your religion or say about Allah except the truth. The Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary, was but a messenger of Allah and His word which He directed to Mary and a soul [created at a command] from Him. So believe in Allah and His messengers. And do not say, "Three"; desist - it is better for you. Indeed, Allah is but one God. Exalted is He above having a son. To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth. And sufficient is Allah as Disposer of affairs.

It also clearly tells about how Allah already mentioned to the People of the Book, not to say THREE when it comes to God. But then, you can guess how misleading they are today.

#2 But since I do not subscribe to the ignorance of Muhammad, here is my definition of TRINITY:
Well if you're unsubscribing Muhammad, you're subscribing the ignorance. Choose well.

#3 The Trinity refers to "the unity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as three persons."
This is really ridiculous. Come on. Tell me again how this sentence is actually make sense. The UNITY of the father, the son, and the holy spirit as THREE personS. So where is the unity? It is clearly stated THREE personS but then it is only one God?

Hye there! I have one ice-cream, one balloon, and one teddy bear. But I have them united as ONE MONKEY!!!

Is that make sense to you? Of course it will not. When the items are of different characteristics and criteria, they cannot be simply called as ONE SAME THING. Even if humans are different from each other, how come human can be same as spirit and worse, God?

#4 The word "Trinity," is formed from the words "tri-" and "unity," and describes "th
e state of being threefold."
Ok. Now things get even more ridiculous. Now God is 3 in 1 like a premix coffee? Maybe they want to simulate God like a cup of coffee. Made of coffee, sugar, and creme. But is one coffee drink. Well, if the coffee is changed to chocolate, it will then become chocolate drink. It it changes to mocha, then it will become mocha drink.

See the relationships. What makes a coffee drink a coffee drink is the coffee. Not the sugar, not the creme. So does God. What makes a God is a God. Not human, not spirit. Because in the end, you will never call sugar as coffee even though it is part of the coffee drink. As sugar is still sugar. It taste sweet and not bitter.

So there is no such a thing like a God + a human + a spirit = God. Please no blasphemy. God is one and has no associates. Ever.

#5 In other words, to believe in the Trinity means to believe that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are essentially one God, even while they retain their own set of differences.
With this, we shall go the in-depth explanation why trinity concept is flawed. First, look at how trinity is defined as believing the father, son, and holy spirit as one God while retaining their characteristics.

We can accept an ostrich, a penguin, a kiwi, and an eagle as Birds. It is so stupid to call them ONE bird but let say they are indeed one bird. What keeps them together is their SIMILAR characteristics. Each of them has feathers. Each of them has a beak. Each of them has talons. So they are indeed, ONE bird.

Although the truth is clear they are of different species so they are THREE birdS.

But now let us take a look at Yahweh, Jesus, and Holy Spirit. Yahweh is the so called God is a God. Maybe. But Jesus is a man. He was born out of a woman's womb. He eats and sleeps and grow like any other humans. The only thing different is that he was born without a father, without conception. And the holy spirit, well, he is a spirit.

Even in Bible is said that God is a spirit. "A" spirit if you don't notice. So okay let us say holy spirit and yahweh are spirits so they are of the same characteristics. But still, Jesus is a man. You can't say otherwise. 

LUKE 24:39 {24:39} Behold my hands and my feet, that it is I myself: handle me, and see; for a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see me have. 

Jesus had clearly differentiated himself from God.What more do we need?

God is one. Not one of three or three of one or threefold or whatsoever. ONE is ONE. Simplest way to understand God. If we put God as the highest power, then he will be at the highest alone. If we ever say God is three or the One God is of three aspects, each of them has their own specific characters, then where is the ONENESS of God?

If God is the Father, the Son, adn the Holy Spirit, then for whatever things happening on this earth, from who's decision is that? The Father? The Son? Or the Spirit?

Like I said. Putting three distinct things as one thing is absurd. How is that even possible? They share body? Or bodies? Wait! God needs a body? That's blasphemy!

And if by saying God is omnipotent, the he can become a man. That's a rubbish argument. Will you agree if I say God is omnipotent so he ca be anything. He can be a garbage fly. He can be a handicapped boy. He can be a slut.

Isn't that what you mean?

To compare God becoming a man is like to say a king becoming a slave. Two different ranking and status. Two different functions. Two different roles. Two distinct characters. Therefore those contradicting things can't be together in one being. Especially in this "a man and a God" case.

Even by mathematical reasoning, trinity is false. We all know that if A = B, and B = C, then A = C. But different scenario occurs with trinity.

Yahweh = God. Jesus = God. Holy Spirit = God. But then Yahweh is not = Jesus. Jesus is not = Holy Spirit. And Holy Spirit is not = Yahweh. See the ridiculousness?

Therefore God needs to be ONE. Like how Quran 112 beautifully describe it.

There are no concept that can explain trinity. Because nothing can explain the false thing. Well then, drop me some comments of you want to add something or as questions. Till next time.

Thanks for reading. Bye ;)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Babikrasi di Mesir

Assalamualaikum. Hye.

Sebenarnya aku nak buat entry ni dah lamalamalamalama dulu. Masa tengah frustrated dengan segala apa yang berlaku (kes hilang beg) dan macam2 lagilah benda yang tak best menyusul lepas tu kan.

Tetapi menyusul pula benda2 best yang menyebabkan aku lupa nak tulis pasal segala kebabian yang berlaku. Dan membuatkan aku fikir banyak kali juga "adakah perlu aku rasa tak best atau semua itu biasa2 saja?" sebab yeah come to think of it takdalah teruk sangat pun. Maybe aku exaggerate lebih ja kot.

But anyway, here's the thing. Aku percaya bila kita ada masalah, kita cari Allah dan Allah akan hantar bantuan dalam bentuk yang pelbagai dan boleh terdiri daripada manusia, binatang, tumbuh2an, atau apa sajalah.

Jadi masa beg aku hilang dulu, aku pun pergilah ke bank untuk uruskan aku punya kad bank kan. Dah memang salah aku sebab lambat freeze kad tu so memang ada lah duit yang hilang. Tapi yang aku nak stress out di sini bukan yang itu.

# Babikrasi 1 - Bank

Aku pergi bank tu untuk buat kad baru. Masalahnya di bank Mesir ni, mereka racist ok. Sungguh racist yang teramat. Aku sampai dah punya lama akak receptionist tu suruh aku tunggu. Bila ada orang arab datang, terus tanya dia apa2 sikit, dia jemput duduk. Masa tu memang aku mencarut dalam hati. Nak ja aku cakap bahasa Melayu dalam tu tapi dah kata nak mintak tolong dia kan. Sabar sajalah.

Then bila aku dah tengok dia dengan muka annoyed baru dia nak panggil aku. And guess what's the first phrase she asked me? "What do you want?"

WHAT DO YOU WANT??? Excuse me miss. Manner kau letak mana hah? Tak belajar adab ke apa? Macam susah sangat nak sebut "May I help you" ke, "How can I help" ke. Adoi la.

# Babikrasi 2 - Balai polis

Nasihat aku, elakkan sebarang masalah supaya tak perlu berurusan dengan polis. They suck. 

Keadaan dia sama macam tadi. Jenis tak layan orang yang tak sebangsa dengan dia. Tapi waktu aku buat report tu ada dua pakcik. Pakcik sorang ni ok ja dan cakap baik2. Pakcik sorang lagi pulak jenis cakap jerit2 lepas tu bagi borang suruh isi bila orang tumpang meja dia dia halau. Pakcik sebelah tu cool ja kot. Tapi sebab dia tengan attend orang, takkan nak menyemak kan? Meja pakcik gelabah tadi kosong ja pun tapi nak kecoh.

Lepas tu bila dah siap isi borang dia suruh pergi kaunter mana tah. Nasib baik aku pergi dengan sorang ustaz ni yang terer la cakap arab apa semua. So dia tahu lah nak tanya direction. DALAM BALAI PUN KENA TANYA DIRECTION bukan kami buta arah tapi sebeb mereka  memang tak memudahkan urusan. Keluar masuk bilik itu bilik ini baru jumpa bilik yang betul.

Dan apakah yang penting sangat jumpa orang2 tertentu itu? Bayar fee. Nak buat report pun kena bayar. Ni nak memudahkan orang ke nak menyusahkan orang? Oh lupa. Borang yang aku isi tu aku sendiri fotostat di luar. Bayangkan, kita tengah nak report masalah kita, lepas tu tak pasal2 kena tambah masalah lagi. Lepas fotostat tu kena tunggu lagi.

Then bila dah bayar fee tu walaupun sikit tapi still annoying, maka dapatlah borang report yang ada cop. Nak cop sekeping pun susah macam nak mampus.

#Babikrasi 3 - Bank lagi

Ini kes minor. Dah la dia kata datang ambil kad baru dalam masa 2 hari. Aku pergi ambil seminggu lambat kot. Dalam lambat2 tu pun tak siap proses. Bila aku ambil kad, dia tak bagi password. Kena tunggu sehari pulak lagi. Tapi dia kata aku boleh shopping sebab kad tu kan boleh buat debit. 

Oh great. Remind me how that shit stole my money and how there are soooo a lot of money left in my account. Nak shopping bagai kan? Lepas tu nak kena pergi lagi esok2nya sebab nak password. Bila dah ada password nak tukar tak boleh pulak sebab mesin ATM rosak. Pulak dah.

#Babikrasi 4 - Safarah

Kalau tak silap aku sebutan dia macam tu lah. Bukan, safarah bukan maksudnya safari apahal tetiba nak cerita pasal binatang pulak. Safarah itu embassy atau kedutaan.

Embassy ni kurang ragamnya. Probably sebab mereka kerja untuk tolong orang Malaysia dan memang ada orang Malaysia dalam tu so tak banyak songeh la sangat. Receptionist pun mesra dan tak annoying. Reti cakap benda yang buat orang rasa selesa.

Ada akak tu kata aku first year. Because you look so young. Kahkah kau nak perli kah akak? Tak apa aku tak kisah. I take it as a compliment lah. Kembang sekejap waktu tu.

Pegawai yang attend aku waktu tu ialah Mr Wasef. Mr Wasef was really helpful. Cuma itulah. Babikrasi banyak sangat. Segala benda nak kena isi. Segala benda nak kena bagi. Dan dia seolah2 tak faham bila aku kata beg hilang dan semua dokumen dalam beg hilang sekali passport passport, IC, surat beranak, surat keguguran, apa semua hilang.

And he kept on insisting for copies. Haih.

Lepas tu bila nak bukti tawaran belajar ke Mesir, surat biasiswa aku dia takmahu terima. Nak jugak result exam. Nasib baik ada kawan aku simpan. Lain kali jangan mintak surat dari Malaysia. Cakap terus nak result tahun lepas. Senang faham.

Lepas tu macam biasa kena ada gambar apa semua. Dan gambar pun dalam beg juga. So kena pergi tangkap gambar lagi. Kedai gambar jauh sebatu. Sampai di kedai dalam pukul 9 kot. Bila aku tanya bila boleh siap akak tu jawab "One o'clock". Kahkah pastu bos dia kot mai habaq dalam sejam la siap setelah kami buat muka tak percaya kat akak tu. Ahah aku datang dengan kawan aku waktu ni.

Lepas cari kedai gambar kena cari kedai fotostat pulak. Yang ni salah aku lah sebab tak fotostat siap2 tapi dah aku tak tahu yang mana dia nak ambil so aku pun tak prepare apa langsung. Bijak... bijak...

Then sebab tak ada result exam tu, report aku tak proses lah. Langsung.

Esoknya aku datang balik. Sendiri. Aku pulun cakap pasal kuliah lah apa semua. Dan bagus juga Mr Wasef tu sebab setel hari itu jugak. Aku tak tertinggal kelas pun. Cepat jugaklah dia buat kerja. Dan aku rasa dia memang bekerja sebab dia ada cakap "This is the fastest passport I made..." apa benda tah ayat dia tapi katanya selalu dia buat tu seminggu. Tapi aku punya siap dalam 2 hari saja. 

Dan bila aku sampai kuliah, ada kawan aku call kata beg aku telah dijumpai. Alhamdulillah.
Right after I got the emergency passport. Kahkah.

Ok main point entry ni ialah, birokrasi yang terlalu berlapis2 akan menyusahkan orang. Tujuan adanya AJK kebajikan ialah untuk memudahkan bila ada orang mintak tolong. Tapi kalau segala benda nak kena isi, segala benda nak kena fotostat, segala orang nak kena jumpa, tolong apa jadahnya macam tu?

Kenapa kita pakai sistem ni hah? Siapa ajar? Ikut sistem siapa? Nasib baik nak berdoa kepada Allah tak payah pakai borang. Nasib baik nak mintak duit kat ayah tak perlu rujuk abang/ kakak sulung, pastu jumpa mak, isi borang, hantar kat ayah, tunggu mak sain borang, ayah tengok surat, tunggu 3 hari, duit bagi kat mak, isi borang sekali lagi, baru dapat duit.

Cakaplah apa pun. Sistem? Nak mudahkan urusan? Nak bagi tersusun? Aku fahamlah semua tu. Nak bagi ada rekod apa semua kan. Nak elak orang menipu apa semua. Fine. Tapi bagi orang yang betul2 ada masalah, segala susah payah tu terpalit kat dia sekali. 

Bayangkan kalau aku duduk jauh. Nak pergi embassy tak mudah. Lepas tu hanya sebab tak ada sekeping dokumen celaka tu, report aku tak boleh proses. Bagus ke macam tu?

Revise the system lah. Memang sangat bermasalah dan memberi masalah. Orang yang ada masalah bertambah masalah. Orang yang patut membantu mengurangkan masalah pulak memberi masalah.

Aku ingat cerita pasal makcik miskin dengan pegawai kebajikan. Cerita ni rekaan rasanya tapi sangat relevan lah dengan situasi. Simple ja cerita dia. 

Makcik ni miskin. Dia masuk jumpa pegawai kebajikan. Makcik ni tengah lapar. Tapi dia kena tunggu lama baru dapat jumpa pegawai.

Bila jumpa pegawai makcik tu kata "Makcik miskin. Makcik nak duit untuk beli makanan. makcik lapar tapi tak ada duit."

Pegawai tu jawab "Makcik datang ke tempat yang betul. Tapi sebelum tu makcik kena isi Borang A, Borang B, Borang C, dan Borang D. Lepas tu makcik kena bagi salinan IC dan gambar berukuran passport 2 keping dan lekatkan di Borang E. Makcik hantar Borang A, B, C,dan D ke Kaunter P dan makcik hantar Borang E bersama IC dan gambar ke Kaunter Q. Jumpa Pegawai X di Bilik Y dan selepas Z hari makcik akan menerima bantuan kewangan yang makcik perlukan."

Makcik itu pun keluar dari pejabat itu dan bersila di tepi jalan. Orang ramai yang lalu lalang menghulurkan seringgit dua kepada makcik itu. Selepas 4 jam, makcik tu pergi kedai beli nasi bungkus dengan teh ais.

Esoknya makcik itu tunggu lagi di tepi jalan. Lepas tu makcik tu kena tangkap sebab mengemis!

Faham cerita ni?

Just two words to describe it. Bureaucracy sucks.


Thanks for reading. Bye ;)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fesyen Muslimah Terkini? 2

Assalamualaikum. Hye.

Aku bukan nak bajet baik sangat la nak cerita bab2 fesyen muslimah sejati ni kan. Aku pun bukan beriman sejati sangat. Cukup2 makan ja lah.

Tadi aku telah membaca satu blog yang memaparkan cerita dia pergi ISLAMIC FASHION FESTIVAL. Aku pun tengok lah Islam tahap mana sangat fesyen dia tu kan. Sebab, kamu ingat mudah2 camtu saja kah nak bawak nama ISLAM tu dengan fesyen? Tak semudah itu sayang. 

Come to think of it, sebenarnya mudah.

Ok aku malas nak tulis panjang2. Tapi selalunya entry aku akan end up panjang juga. Kita tunggu dan lihat sama ada aku akan tulis pendek atau hentam tulis panjang berjela berjurai sampai orang tak baca. Kahkah.

Fine, ladies. Bila bicara soal aurat, fesyen, dan muslimah, maka tak dapat lari daripada permasalahan "muslimah tak tutup aurat sempurna dengan alasan nak ikut fesyen dan ikut peredaran zaman". Selepas persoalan itu dijawab dengan "Islam tidak menafikan fesyen" maka masalah baru pula timbul iaitu orang2 yang bertanggungjawab meng-Islam-kan fesyen akhirnya tewas dan maut apabila apa yang dia buat ialah mem-fesyen-kan Islam.

Fikir2 balik, Islam ni macam banyak songeh pulak dan semua benda nak larang. Tapi bila dilihat dari sudut akal yang logik dan pintar, sebenarnya apa yang diajar agama itu mudah dan selamat. Cuma manusia ni lah yang kepala otak tak berapa nak center, fikir lagi ke depan daripada tuhan kononnya, masing2 semua lagi pandai daripada tuhan, so semua nak buat ikut suka hati kepala masing2.

Itulah punca kemerepekan yang terlalu banyak di muka bumi ini. Dalam entry ini, aku akan cakap sikit pasal fesyen. Especially fesyen perempuan sebab fesyen lelaki, sebabi2nya yang diperagakan pun, pernah kamu lihat di mana2 orang lelaki pakai baju yang bila kita nampak kita rasa nak sepak? Jarang2 kan?

Tapi perempuan hari ni pakai baju, rasa macam nak sepak, terajang, semua ada. Tak pun letak dalam penjara. Baru selamat mata orang ramai daripada terkena kanser. Dan selamat juga hati daripada lintasan2 yang buruk dan keji.

Ok dah nak nampak entry akan jadi panjang. Mari potong dengan cara meletakkan gambar. Semua sumber gambar ialah internet. Sorry lah tak mintak permission bertulis ke apa. Dah yang mana keluar google tu aku rasa sesuai aku tepek ja di sini.

Okies gambar di atas ni ialah fesyen yang orang semua dah takmahu ikut. Dulu masa sekolah kemain tudung labuh tak labuh pun fesyen segitiga yang jahit tengah tu. Kira ok dah tu sebab dah tutup apa yang patut walaupun kadang2 tak cukup labuh.

Tudung macam kat atas ni pun orang tak pakai juga. Tengok je lah. Ketinggalan zaman sungguh kan? Bila tengok nama2 yang terlintas Kampung Wakaf Mek Nab, Ulu Yam, Kampung Belau, apa semua tu. Tak terlintas la nama2 bandar urban sikit. New York ke, Itali ke, Paris ke, Soviet Rusia ke. Tak ada. Mentaliti masyarakat kini ialah tudung labuh bermaksud kampung. Mengaji pondok, duduk rumah memasak di dapur, petang2 siram pokok lepas kutip kain.

Sekarang tengah "in trend" ialah tudung dan fesyen yang macam ni. Berbelit2, selit jarum sana sini, tutup dada sampai aras2 cukup makan saja. Tapi kira ok lagilah. Bagi aku lah kan, tudung fesyen jenis tak berapa nak labuh ni kalau pakai dengan baju, kain, dan seluar yang sesuai, maka tak ada masalah. Nantilah aku cerita pasal tudung singkat ni.

Tapi apakan daya, wanita2 nak jugak meng-urban-kan diri mereka dengan menjadi hamba fesyen. Ini bukan ke arah meng-urban-kandiri. Ini namanya mengorbankan diri. Jenis pakai baju ketat2 dan seluar yang sendat2 lepas tu yang lagi parah ialah spesis pakai baju inner yang warna macam warna kulit.

Kalau kamu rasa fesyen yang di atas ni sesuai, itu aku tak boleh kata apa. Tapi untuk orang yang baca blog aku ni, aku pesan lah siap2. Kalau kamu ada yang pakai macam ni dan rasa cool, tak apa tapi berhentilah. Sila bertaubat. Titik.

Daaannn, diambil dari blog yang aku baca tu, ialah gambar di atas itulah. Yang dikatakan ISLAMIC FASHION tu. Sungguh jelas keIslamannya. Nabi kalau tengok ni mesti bangga. Allah pulak mesti bagi syurga kepada tuan punya fesyen.

Bagus2 ni bagus. Menggalakkan orang bergaya tetapi seiring dengan tuntutan syarak. Fesyen yang dok sedia ada ni kampung2 belaka. Tak urban. Tak "in". Tak sesuai digayakan ke majlis. Fesyen2 baru ni barulah gojes, glam, dan nanti bila masuk kubur kalau pakai macam tu mungkin boleh dapat layanan istimewa malaikat dalam kubur.

Islamic Fasihion Festival tapi cuba lihat gambar di atas. Ada ja lelaki. Kan orang dah kata sebelum ni, fesyen segala fesyen ni dalangnya lelaki juga. Memang lelaki ni nak tengok perempuan berhias cantik2 untuk kepuasan nafsu. Bila ada perempuan yang memilih untuk berhijab, maka lelaki juga lah yang cipta fesyen baru untuk menggayakan hijab.

Daripada labuh jadi singkat, daripada longgar jadi ketat, daripada yang tutup aurat jadi mendedahkan pusat dan pan....... haa mari beristighfar. Astaghfirullah.

Kenapa orang perempuan sanggup luang masa untuk belajar cara pakai shawl cucuk jarum tujuh lapan batang di kepala semata2 mahu cantik sedangkan tudung labuh boleh terus pakai saja sekali sarung. Aku sendiri pun rasa tudung selendang tu cantik especially duduk Mesir ni hampir 99% wanita bertudung pakai benda alah tu. Tapi itulah, kecantikan yang diusahakan itu untuk siapa?

Bila orang sebut pasal tabarruj, pandai pulak menjawab. "Kami berhias ala kadar" "Kami tak berlebih2an" "Kami bukan nak menunjuk" tapi kalau dah mekap tebal2 siap dengan segala aksesori, pakai baju pulak dengan segala fesyen ada, aurat tutup ke tidak belakang kira. Janji cantik. Tapi taakkkk..... bukan untuk tunjuk kat orang. Apa kejadah?

Kalau betul2 nak cantik sebab nak jaga penampilan dan rasa yakin dengan diri, just put on some good cloth dan pakai benda yang tutup aurat sempurna, atau kurang sikit dari sempurna. Yang penting, tanya Allah "ok tak aku pakai ni?" dan bukannya tanya orang. Sebab orang ni macam2 permintaannya.

Ada yang nak perempuan itu kelihatan bentuk kakinya maka dia pun buat legging.
Ada yang nak perempuan itu kelihatan bentuk badannya maka dia pun buat baju ketat2.
Ada yang nak perempuan itu kelihatan bentuk kepalanya dan rambutnya maka dia pun buatlah tudung jenis tak semenggah yang bersepah di pasaran hari ini.

Ada yang nak perempuan itu kelihatan bentuk dadanya maka dia pun buatlah fesyen yang menumpukan corak dan tulisan di dada. Lepas tu tudung singkat pulak. Lepas tu bila ada lelaki tengok dada dia, dia tuduh lelaki tu gila seks dan tak pandai jaga nafsu. Yang dia tu, aurat pun tak reti jaga. Bukankah itu sungguh kebabian?

Bersederhanalah. Lady Gaga pun tahu bersederhana. tak percaya? Tengok di bawah ni.

Be moderate baby. Born this way.

Maka, kita akan ditinggalkan dengan persoalan. Adakah syariat Allah tak cukup baik untuk kita? Adakah fesyen yang nabi ajar anak isteri baginda pakai tidak lagi sesuai untuk kita? Adakah kita terlalu terdesak untuk fit in dengan masyarakat yang kononnya terbuka, sampai kita mengorbankan apa yang kita percaya? Adakah kita ni terlalu murah untuk mengikut telunjuk orang yang hidup daripada mengikut perintah Yang Menghidupkan?

Adakah ajaran nabi itu menindas wanita kerana terpaksa menutup segala tubuh? Atau adakah mendedahkan segala kecantikan yang most of the time dipalsukan dengan mekap dan hiasan buatan itu yang kita panggil kebebasan? 

Cuba fikirkan. Kalau perempuan pakai baju jubah dengan tudung labuh, dia tak cukur bulu kaki pun tak ada siapa nak kisah sebab tak tahu. Tapi jenis yang dedah2 tu, kena cari bulu di setiap ini badan kalau tak nanti malu. Lepas tu bila nak keluar kena set rambut, kena mekap, kena letak segala benda untuk nampak cantik. 

Setiap hari sebelum keluar rumah, kena check satu badan dulu. Kebebasan kah?

Ada otak? Silalah fikir.
In the end, aku tak boleh decide apa yang kamu nak pakai. Aku jugak tak boleh decide apa yang terbaik untuk semua orang. Aku cuma boleh setuju dengan mengatakan fesyen itu hak masing2 tapi agama dah bagi garis panduan berfesyen tu. Antara nak ikut dengan tak mahu saja. Kalau rajin, bacalah entry2 ini.


Thanks for reading. Bye ;)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cara Untuk Menguji Kasih Sayang Allah Kepada Kita Semua

Assalamualaikum. Hye.

Ini bukan cerita bid'ah. Sekian.

Kita semua familiar dengan ayat Quran yang maksudnya lebih kurang macam ni;
Apakah kita menyangka kita beriman sedangkan kita tidak diuji.
Sila cari sendiri ayat sebenar.

Jadi ujian2 yang didatangkan kepada kita,
Semuanya tak lain ialah untuk menjadi bukti keimanan kita kepada Allah.

Nabi2 pun diuji lagi dahsyat daripada kita.
Malaikat pun pernah diuji dengan soalan cepumas dari Allah Taala.
Yang masa mula2 penciptaan Nabi Adam tu.
Iblis pun diuji dan resultnya tak berapa nak cemerlang.

Sekali sekala kita terfikir.
Adakah Allah sayang kita?
Kalau sayang, kenapa bagi musibah?
Tak boleh buktikan iman dengan cara mudah?

Aku ada satu tips.
Kalau nak uji Allah sayang kita ke tak.
Sebenarnya hari2 kamu (dan aku) buat eksperimen ini.
Dan hari2 jugak Allah tunjukkan yang dia sayang kita.

Caranya ialah buat dosa.

Ya betul. Buatlah dosa dan masa tu baru kita tahu yang Allah terlalu sayangkan kita.
Sayang sungguh2 ni bukan main2 punya sayang.
Romeo dan Juliet pun kalah.

Pernah tak kita lengahkan solat sampai habis waktu?
Tapi Allah panjangkan umur dan ingatkan kita supaya qada?

Pernah tak kita rasa nak mencuri?
Tapi Allah campak rasa takut kantoi dalam hati sampai kita tak jadi nak mencuri?

Pernah tak kita mengumpat orang, bergaduh dengan orang, fitnah orang?
Tapi Allah bagi kita sempat berhari raya dengan orang itu, bermaaf2an apa semua?

Pernah tak kita buat dosa pada waktu malam?
Tiada siapa pun nampak?
Atau dosa kita pada waktu malam itu,
Ada saksinya.
Tapi Allah bisukan dia.
Allah tak malukan kita.
Allah biar kita tidur membawa dosa kita itu,
Dan esoknya kita hidup.

Kalau kamu boleh baca entry ini, maksudnya Allah sayang kamu.
Dia benarkan kamu membaca.
Dia belum tarik nikmat akal dari kamu.
Dia belum tamatkan tempoh taubat kamu.
Dia belum temukan kamu dengan ajal kamu.
Dia belum tutup dan masih beri peluang seluas2nya kepada kamu.

Allah sayang kita kerana benarkan kita hidup.
Bukanlah mati itu maksudnya Allah tak sayang,
Tapi hidup itu maksudnya peluang.
Yang kita selalu sia2kan.

Manusia dan dosa sukar dipisahkan.
Kita selalu sangat tersasar dan buat salah.
Sebab tu kita diajar cara bertaubat.
Nabi Adam pun ada pernah buat salah dulu sampai dikeluarkan dari syurga.
Kita ni masuk syurga pun belum tentu.

Tapi Allah bagi peluang supaya kita buat apa yang kita mampu,
Untuk jadi yang terbaik.
Sekalipun kita buat dosa memanjang,
Allah masih belum buat kita mati.
Itu maksudnya Allah masih kisah dengan kita.
Kadang2 Allah bagi kita susah.

Sebab selalunya manusia ni, bila senang dia sebut nama artis,
Contohnya bersembang pasal artis di kala senggang,
Bila susah baru dia sebut nama tuhan, selawat nabi, dan berdoa bagai.

Allah bagi kita susah sebab nak panggil kita kembali kepada dia.
Allah tak turun ke dunia tarik telinga kita kalau kita degil.
Tapi Allah hantar orang2 untuk tolong ingatkan kita,
tolong tarik telinga kita,
cubit perut kita.

Atau Allah sekadar biarkan kita hidup dan rasa nak berubah, rasa nak bertaubat.
Hari2 kita rasa macam tu kan?
Hari2 rasa nak baca Quran banyak2,
Hari2 rasa nak bangun qiyamullail,
Hari2 rasa nak solat Dhuha,
Hari2 rasa nak pergi solat berjemaah di masjid,

Walaupun kadang2 kita tak buat pun (kadang2 apa... memang tak buat... kahkahkah),
Tapi Allah hidupkan kita juga.
Biarlah tak buat pun,
Asal kita hidup dan rasa nak buat,
Allah bagi pahala juga.

Tapi sebenarnya,
Kita yang tak malu dengan Allah.


Cuba hari ini kita pergi berkapel,
Cuba hari ini keluar rumah tak payah tutup aurat,
Cuba hari ini derhaka cakap mak ayah,
Cuba hari ini tak payah solat,
Cuba hari ini ponteng kuliah,
Cuba hari ini cuba hari ini.

Sama ada kita akan tetap hidup sampai esok, supaya kita dapat bertaubat,
kerana Allah sayangkan kita.

Atau kita takkan sanggup buat dari mula,
Sebab kalau mati masa tengah buat dosa macam mana pulak???
Maksudnya Allah tak sayanglah tu dan matikan kita masa tengah buat dosa???


Kalau ada kamu, kamu, atau kamu yang berfikiran macam tu,
Allah sangat sayang kepada kamu.

Dia buat kamu sedar dan takut akan kematian menjengah ketika sedang berbuat dosa.
Dia buat kamu lebih setapak ke depan dari orang lain.
Kamu dah tahu itu, jadi kamu tak buatlah dosa kan?

Dan itu buktinya Allah sayang kamu.
Dia selamatkan kamu dengan hati kamu dari hati kamu sendiri.

Buat dosa hari ini, taubat sebelum malam menjelma.
Buat dosa malam ini, taubat sebelum esok tiba.


Thanks for reading. Bye ;)

Friday, November 2, 2012

Pintu Itu

Assalamualaikum. Hye.

Ambil dosa itu
dan balutkan dengan kain hitam
sembunyi dari mata mereka

Biar bila ditutup pintu
baru kau buka balutan itu


Dosa itu kau lumur di muka
kau kesat hanya bila
pintu yang tertutup jadi terbuka

Simpan dalam kemas genggamanmu
masuk ke dalam kocek bajumu
Dosa itu kau bawa sendiri
jalan baring tidur berlari

Sebelum dia sendiri
menutup pintu
pintu itu
yang kau sangka terkunci untukmu

Tuhan di hadapanmu ada
tersenyum tangan dibuka
menunggu kau berlari memeluknya

Semua orang menuju ke pintu itu 
membawa sesuatu 
dalam kain hitam.
sebelum sampai ke pintu itu.


Thanks for reading. Bye ;)