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Sunday, August 26, 2012

What Theists Have That Atheists Haven't

Assalamualaikum. Hye.

There are so much wonders to be with God. So much that the godless people wouldn't understand and couldn't understand up to the extend they started to say bad stuff about people who does enjoy such wonders. Such as this...

Things like right and wrong, good and bad, everything is based on order, made by certain standards. So, anticipating the guidelines by man, to be followed by man, who is actually has the right to make those standards?

That's why, we need the imaginary friend up there. Because to satisfy the standards made by one imaginary friend is simply easier and more realistic.

Just because you can't see him, doesn't mean He is not there. God lies therein you. If you choose to be ignorant, unknowingly

No you don't win. You are just stupid. We are living in a beautiful world. Yet so many ugly things happen around us, every day. That gives us reasons to live. If we are already in heaven, what is the purpose of growing up, or doing the right thing?

Not everything should be reduced to equations. Life is too beautiful for that. And so does religion. There are so many things we can't prove. Yet we still believe.

Tapi kawan aku kata ateis ni kira dah dekat nak dengan Islam. Islam kan La Ilaha Illa Allah. Ateis ni dah La Ilaha dah. So dah separuh dah halfway nak ke Islam.

Mudah2an. Amiin.


Thanks for reading. Bye ;)


TecerWidad said...

Suka dialogue baby dalam perut tu. Memang itu makan dia.

Hikaru Yui said...

@TecerWidad hahah...mmg payah dgn depa ni