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Thursday, April 12, 2012

They say it's logic. I say they're stupid.

Assalamualaikum. Hye.

Because God CREATED people in the first place. The food, too. That's simply why. If someone ever asked this question again, it's either ignorance or stupidity. You choose.

I don't know if that stuff up there is made by an atheist. But I know there's no atheist who read my blog. Thing is, I really hate them. Hate here means that I don't like their way of dealing with their theophobia. They're just being denial. They fear God so much that they defy to believe His existence. This is called chronic absolute theophobic syndrome.

I fear my God too but I deal with it very differently. Maybe because I have some reliable references. Those atheist, they only use their head. It's not God's fault that they choose to be a dickhead and live with it.

I thank both. But I never say 'Thank you farmers, thank you chefs, thank you whatsoever' since they are not replying my thanks and they certainly not be doing all those good deeds for nothing. They rear cattles and they get money. They plant rice and they sell those rice. They sow and they reap. That's logic.

But can anyone tell me what we give to God for showering us with rain? For drying our clothes with his sun? For letting us use the water for free but sadly the government makes us pay for every gallon. It's okay however, since maintenance costs money.

How about the growth of the oak from an acorn, the wheels that bring them anywhere, the wool woven into clothes, the sound of birds chirping and the melody of a singing?

Meanwhile, those atheists, thinking that life can exist so magically by an atom duplicating into organism that mutates into a fish then it grow legs so that it walk and later developed hands and brains and then poofff here are the atheist!

Or simply an explosion god-only-know-how it happened then the vast universe is magically come to existence. Eh wait, if they are atheists, there is no god-only-know-how. What should it be? See, laughable they are.

My biggest sin is that I know how pity the atheists are, but I can do nothing to help. I never reach them, never tell them the words of God, and never actually really care. God, please forgive me for that.

Thanks for reading. Bye ;)


El said...

nice entry brader

El said...

by the way, the big bang theory bukan theory orang atheist kalau tak silap aku.

Albert einstein yang proposed to beliver yang kuat, dia bukan atheist. dia percaya dunia n hidupan tuhan buat, cuma ada proses-proses science, bukan terjadi mcm tu je

Hikaru Yui said...

@El oh actually aku bukan kata teori tu atheist buat..maksud aku.. dah mereka xpercaya tuhan, maka mereka rely on science theories, alone..

kita percaya pada penciptaan.. macam mana tuhan cipta tu xtahulah tp even klu teori tu betul, kita percaya ada tuhan yang letupkan...

sumthin like dat =p

Nurusaurus said...

Premise 1: Potatoes have skin
Premise 2: I have skin
Conclusion: I'm a potato!

Logic, walaupun ada certainty yang kuat, tetapi sangat terdedah kepada fallacy sbb processing dia dry and sangat objective. akal yang sihat tidak akan berfikiran sebegitu sempit dan 'dry'

Kayun.Zack said...

aku terbesa tgk dlm utube mungkin seorang tu kata org atheis hampir berada di landasan yg benar di mana mereka mengakui tiada tuhan yg disembah, dan ia menjadi tanggungjawab kita (muslim) insyaAllah dengan mengajak n mengajar mereka menyambungkan ayat itu dengan tiada tuhan yg disembah selain Allah.

Hikaru Yui said...

@Nurusaurus ada bnda xlogik dalam dunia ni.. sbb tu kena rely dgn tuhan... =p

Hikaru Yui said...

@Kayun.Zack itulah... tp aku xbuat.. sbb tu aku rasa malu =p