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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Get a life-lah

Assalamualaikum. Hye.

When in a relationship, or simply any stuff that relates you to people, like friendship, teacher-student relationship, family, anything. People tend to believe seeing red as red or seeing blue as blue is good. When everyone looks at one thing as the same one thing, then there will be no clash in this world.

Life will be dull, but peaceful.

Law of nature stated that everyone is different. In their very own way, people are distinguished from each other. No one is exactly alike. Even identical twins are not so identical with their fingerprints.

Birds of a feather flock together but all the feathers weave the colour of the same blue sky. No problem with that. Sometimes we disagree, much more frequent than what we do agree. Quarrels. Debates. Discussions. Forums. All those stuff.
So there is a beautiful thing called ACCEPTANCE. Where we take those differences as a bless. Where red is rose. Red is danger. Red is blood. Red is power. Red is love. Red is anger. Red is not a single colour stuff anymore. And people can make a good use of that.

Being different is okay. What matters more is how we deal with it. Sometimes we are happy with one thing. Other people may not. So we should consider not too drench ourselves too much in it. Think of others.

Everyone can be happy with everything. Everything is different. Different is okay. Okay is acceptable. When we know how to be happy with one thing, stay connected to it. And when we know that people are happy with something we are not, don’t take it from them.They have their right to be happy. Everyone does. Do take a little. Remember to give, more.Then the world will be smiling.

But do know that this law is never universal. If someone is happy doing bad stuff we can’t just stop and stare. For instance, people are killing themselves and everyone around with cigarettes and merely watching is not an okay.

People, think. You can do that simple stuff right? Think.

Mesej tersembungi entry ini ialah… selagi mana orang itu tak buat benda yang menyalahi hukum agama, selagi mana orang itu mengikut perintah tuhan, maka apa yang orang itu suka untuk buat tak menjadi masalah untuk sesiapa kan? Get a life lah. Sila jaga hidup sendiri.Jangan tak peduli orang langsung tapi kalau sampai orang nak kata menyibuk tu, janganlah.
 of yourself and if you can, the others too but with love, not with the things that only you think is right

Things that I like, don’t you dare taking it from me.

p/s :  Kalau orang tu baca dia tahulah… lalala =p=p=p

Thanks for reading. Bye ;)


Aaroniero Arruruerie said...
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Aaroniero Arruruerie said...

th 456th follower! nice blog =w=

yui92 said...

thanks =p=p

but i like it more if you comment about the entry =p=p hehehe

metalmickey_79 said...

in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make...

yui92 said...

yeah... so must do good things to people always

khairunnisa ♥ said...

dats true, kalau salah tu diperbetulkan takpe. jangan yang betul dianggap salah >.<

smile always yui :)

yui92 said...

yippee =p

Kayun said...

yiiihaaaaa....ak mcm ada satu pendapat, ni pendapat ja la kan. bila kita nk tulih sesuatu yg mcm betui2 bermain dgn emosi kan, rasa puas dpt tulih dlm bi kan? tu pndpt ak la. bcoz i can feel ur emotion here, rasa mcm sgt terkesan. rasa mcm ang yg dok ckp depan2 bnda ni..hehehehe

yui92 said...

really? tah la.. maybe la kot