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Saturday, February 6, 2010

karya kunun : cerpen bersiri (bhg satu)

Assalamualaikum. Hye.

laaaaa cerpen pun nak buat bersiri ka? abis tue? nak wat camna? ok apa....asyik novel aja yg bersiri...ummm kalau cerpen yang disirikan mesti jadi lain dari yang lain la sikit kan??? unik2 gtu...hummm aku x tajukkan cerita ni...ada cadangan?

Our last day on the island was the most memorable and unforgettable, ever. Marie and I would never defy God anymore. I saw Dr. Esme’s smiling face. She touched me on my shoulder and nodded. “I am ready.”
I still remember, on this very bed, I lay helplessly. Waiting for the big moment made me feel like running away but I could not. I was weak back then. I thought I might be needing SPF 95 just to stay alive. That night, stars were hiding. The moon did not. In fact, she radiated beautifully over the earth. I could hear a whisper. “Carl, wake up…” I saw a teenager, a boy. He stood next to my bed. Torched by the moonlight sneaking in from the open window, I could see his handsome face. “Who is this guy?” I wondered. Between reality and imagination, I saw the teenager spread out wings. Magnificent light bathed the every inch of the ward. However, as if only me who could see the boy. The other patients slept sounly. Undisturbed. Untouched.
When I opened my eyes, I could see a constellation of stars. I felt the sand on my back. I rubbed my eyes to ensure I was not dreaming. Yes, I was neither sleeping nor dreaming. It was an island, with many never-before-seen trees. There was only me, watched by a crescent moon above. My shadow followed me faithfully as I walked around. I saw the teenager. “Come here.” I heard his voice. He turned around and walked. When I ran towards him, he too started to run. I tried to chase him, without realizing my body was lifted to the air. The stars greeted me. I saw the teenager was smiling. Then, the stars started to dance a mesmerizing spectrum of light. I was showered with an array of light of countless colours from head to toe. I could see the glittering nebulae and the rose-shaped, ointment-like clump of stars. “Praise be to God.” I turned to the teenager and suddenly I was on the island again.
“Hello?” I heard a voice. A girl with charcoal black hair covering one of her violet eyes came out from behind of a tree. I could not decipher my feelings. I was afraid yet so belonged here. So did her. “My name is Marie. What’s yours?” she broke the ice. “I am Carl.”
“And I am Naiad. Opps, sorry for interrupting. Peace be upon you.” A lady suddenly emerged her head from the water. “Come and join me. Sea exploring. How does that sound to you?” the sea suddenly shook and a wave as tall as a tower was formed. Marie and I were swallowed by the wave. However, instead of feeling like being swallowed, we like being hugged by the welcoming hands of the sea. Down there, the panorama was heaven. I could see all kinds of fish, I just could not name them. Then Marie pulled my hand and pointed to Naiad. Naiad had a female torso but her lower body was fish, like a mermaid. When we felt like drowning and trying to surface, Naiad took our hands and unbelievably, we could breathe underwater. The coral reefs were a castle of vibrant colours. The sea anemones were flowers of the ocean, although I was well aware that they were actually animals. “Fascinating!” I exclaimed. “Praise be to God.” Naiad said to me. I was baffled. God was going to take my precious from me. He already took my world from me. He gave indeed but he takes back. Praise be to God?
At the surface, Naiad bid us farewell. Before she left, she said to the two of us, “All the beautiful things are created for you to calm yourselves and be pleased with. If you feel happy with the beautiful things, you will be even happier with the Creator of the beautiful things. Remember Him, you will be happier.”
The next day, I asked Marie, “What has God done to you?” “He is separating my brother from me. He is taking him away…” “HI THERE!!!” a female in an embroidered dress approached us. “It’s nice to see you. My name is Dryad.” The air around her was fragrant and friendly. She collected various kind s of fruits and mushrooms and honey and served us at a tranquil glade. “Dryad, I want a floral tiara, like the one on your head.” Marie said. “My, my, come with me darling.” They left. I saw Dryad turned and winked at me.
“Be patient Carl. Remember God. He is with us. He always be…”Dr Esme tried to calm me down. “NO! I want my mother! I want my brother! Why did he take them away from me? WHY??!” I saw Dr Esme’s hazel eyes leaked. I knew her sacred intention as it was clearly portrayed in her flawless face. I just could not curb the rage inside me. “CARL!!! HELP!!!” Marie’s voice snapped me out of my confusion. The reminiscent came uninvited and went away abruptly.

Thanks for reading. Bye ;)

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