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Sunday, February 14, 2010

cerpen bersiri : bahagian 2

Assalamualaikum. Hye. la bahgaian dua cerita tue.....sapa xbaca lg bhg 1, scrol ke bawah........kang x paham plak...huhuu......

I was chilled to the bone. A gorgon-like creature was chasing after Marie and Dryad. A ray of Green light emerged from the creature's eyes, petrifying everything in its path. "Oh my, be careful!!"Dryad pushed me. The beam hit her. From the feet be began to turn into stone. "Marie, sorry because the tiara is not completed yet. Here, you can take mine. Oh, how about this?" she sang.
"Don't let your heart grieves, it must be awful
Remember what God gives, you must be thankful
Praise God, praise God, the One and only God"

Magically, the song crippled the gorgon. The creature's serpentine hair hissed as if they were in pain. "You will learn, dear..."Dryad was petrified to the neck. "DRYAD!!" Marie screamed and hugged the smiling statue. "Run, quick!" Marie took the tiara. In her hands, the tiara turned golden. In the tremor, I remembered Perseus, a hero my brother used to tell me about. He used a shield to reflect the demonic beam while fighting Medusa. Suddenly, I saw a heraldic shield. I parried the gorgon's claw attack. When she was about to gaze with the petrifying beam, I blocked with the shield. Like the story used to resolve, the creature turned into stone. "God is great. HE who turned down the evil. Light will prevail." The creature said with its final breath. "God is great...God is great..."The serpents said continuously.

The day after, we climbed the island hill, up to a cliff. There, we found Prometheus' wings. We sufed the sky. "There is no forcing by God..." I heard the wind whispered. All of the sudden,my wings slipped off my hands. A white heroic Pegasus caught me. Then another one came by. The Pegasuses took us both to a castle of clouds which was floating miraculously. The island below looked like a crescent moon. Green and yellow crescent surrounded by blue and white.

"Carl..." I saw my mother and my brother. Beside my mother was a handsome man. Never met before. However, as he hugged me and kissed me on the forehead, I got the feeling of acceptance, recognition, and love, just like the one I felt when my mother hugged me.
"I'm leaving, Marie. Don't be sad. God is with you, with us all." The male spoke to Marie. "I love you, brother." Then a gust of wind blow the castle of clouds. All of them disappeared with a smile. The white haven vanished. Marie and I went down together with the rain to a garden on the island. The lush greenery garden was full of flowers and fruits. That was the third day. The teenager appeared again. "Praise be to God. HE who does it all and should be questioned not. On that day, we returned, with a lesson.

"Carl, call me mom, ok?" Dr Esme said on the day she adopted me as her child. I know I was wrong. I was not losing all. I couldn't have it all as I have only two hands. I was injured badly in the accident that killed my mother and my brother. My leg was to be amputated to prevent further infections. I have a new mom and a good doctor taking care of me. I got to meet a lot of new friends, so why should I complain? I am alive, at least!

"Mom, will everything be alright?" "Have faith in God. Believe me. God willing, everything will be fine." I saw Dr Esme Munira's determined face. I got a new name after I witnessed there is none but one God. "This is for you." Mom gave me my hand-phone. "Be strong ahmad.i'll alwys pray 4 u.- Sender : Maria, January 7 20**. "Thanks, Maria" I monologue. When I was waiting for the amputation, I could hear in my deepest part of my heart, the song Dryad sang...
"Don't let your heart grieves, it must be awful
Remember what God gives, you must be thankful
Praise God, praise God, the One and only God"


Thanks for reading. Bye ;)


sis-haneii said...

aku x bapa nk phm cta ney...

yui92 said...

huhuhu tu la sebab hg kna baca part one dulu....

zawani ibrahim said...

solihin, why perseus? macam dalam buku rick riordan ja pun...